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7 Best Ways to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

Updated: 6 days ago

Whether you’re doing a DIY move or hiring professionals, furniture can be vulnerable to damage. That’s why it’s worth taking a few extra precautions to ensure your items are fully protected for the move. Here are some of the best ways to protect your furniture when moving so you can keep your belongings safe and scratch-free.

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Use the Right Supplies

The reality is, there is never a guarantee when it comes to avoiding damage, but using the right supply is the first step for reducing the risk. In addition to your standard moving boxes, make sure to have bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard, plastic stretch wrap, sealable bags and covers that will fit overtop of your mattress and couch. These will add another layer to buffer any potential bangs or falls when they’re being moved around.

Prepare Furniture Before Wrapping

Before you wrap up your furniture, take a few moments to go over the surfaces with a soft microfiber cloth. This will remove any dust or dirt particles that could cause scratches when they’re being handled.

Disassemble Pieces

If your furniture has multiple pieces, don’t forget to disassemble the components. This includes removing glass panels, knobs, or drawers. Wrap and tape them up separately and place smaller individual items inside the drawers if possible. This will keep everything together to make it quick and easy to assemble them. A bonus tip is to snap a photo of your furniture for easy reference so you can remember how to put them back together.

7 Best Ways to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

Double Wrap Any Glass

Any glass components should be given double the protection. So make sure to reserve extra wrapping for those delicate pieces. Cover them in a soft thick and durable fabric before adding the wrapping.

Use Old Blankets

Old blankets can also work well to protect your furniture, especially if you end up running out of plastic sheeting. This will also add some cushioning when they’re being packed into the truck. Additionally, you can use your own linens, towels, and clothing to place around vulnerable sections of your furniture if need be.

Pack Belongings Strategically in the Truck

For DIY move, it’s important to be strategic with your packing process. Rather than rush to pack up the truck, take a few moments to consider placement. Start with heavier boxes, keeping them at the back of the truck and on the bottom. This will provide a wall of boxes that your furniture can lean against while you secure it with rope to prevent any shifting during the drive.

At Yeah That Movers, we provide all the moving services you need to make the entire process easier for you. This includes using the proper materials to diligently wrap and secure all furnishings to keep them safe and damage-free. Contact us today to book in your move!

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