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Safe and Secure: The Guide to Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Updated: May 14

Are you gearing up for a move and worried about transporting your cherished antiques and fine art? Fear not! Yeah That Movers specializes in safeguarding your valuable possessions. Let's dive into the art of moving these treasures safely.

Table Of Content

Safe and Secure: The Guide to Moving Antiques and Fine Art

Preparing for the Move

Assess and Inventory

Catalog your antiques and fine art pieces. Take photographs and note any existing damage. This serves as a reference point during packing and unpacking.

Specialized Packing Materials

Invest in quality packing supplies like acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap, custom crates, and specialized boxes. These materials provide cushioning and protection against shocks.

Packing Techniques

Wrap with Care

Protect delicate surfaces with acid-free tissue paper. Layer bubble wraps around items, focusing on corners and fragile parts. Secure with tape but avoid direct contact with adhesive.

Create and Support

For larger pieces or sculptures, custom-built crates offer optimal protection. Use foam padding or support structures within the crates to prevent shifting.

Handling and Transportation

Gentle Handling

Always lift and handle antiques and fine art with care. Label boxes as fragile and communicate with Yeah That Movers about the delicate nature of these items.

Secure Transportation

Utilize professional movers like Yeah That Movers, equipped with specialized equipment and vehicles designed for secure transportation of valuable items.

Unpacking and Placement

Methodical Unpacking

Unpack with caution, referring to your inventory list and photos. Inspect for any damages that might have occurred during the move.

Placement Considerations

Discuss placement options with Yeah That Movers. Choose areas with stable temperature and humidity levels to preserve the integrity of your antiques and fine art.

Why Choose Yeah That Movers?

Yeah That Movers prioritizes the safety and security of your cherished antiques and fine art. With our expertise and specialized techniques, we ensure a smooth and secure relocation for your valuable possessions.

Don't let the worry of moving your precious antiques and fine art overshadow the excitement of your move. Contact Yeah That Movers today, and let us handle the meticulous process with utmost care!

Yeah That Movers: Where Your Treasures Travel Safely!


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